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Specialties: Criminal: State's prosecution of an individual/organization for the alleged commission of a crime. The prospect of losing one's liberty can be frightening. Castillo Law takes the presumption of innocence in its purest form, ensuring that clients receive the best possible representation. Civil: Dispute between individuals/organizations where monetary compensation is awarded. Castillo Law executes an unprecedented level of zealous advocacy and ingenious strategy to give clients the best possible chance of success. Entertainment: Involves the film, music, and television industry. Castillo Law possesses a deep and intuitive understanding of the negotiating process, fostering and promoting a positive and collaborative atmosphere. Personal Injury: Injuries suffered by a person. There are a wide range of personal injury claims, including slip/trip and falls, car accidents, bar-room brawls, and medical malpractice. Castillo Law knows what it takes to ensure clients come out on top.


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